Wine Lister API

Display Wine Lister scores and detailed information on your own platform to inform your users.

What is an API?
An API is a means of obtaining data directly from Wine Lister through a simple programming interface, rather than having to request it manually.
How can an API help you?
You can take Wine Lister scores and detailed information about any of our thousands of wines, and display these on your site.
Who’s using it?
Merchants such as Bordeaux Index Fine Wines & Sprits ( use our API to integrate Wine Lister scores and information into their own systems, and to display them on their websites.


"id": 3720,
"vintage": "2013",
"title": "title text",
"colour": "red",
"country": "France",
"region-appellation": "Margaux AOP" ,
"url": "",
"indicators": "buzz_brand" ,
"drinking_window_open": 2020,
"drinking_window_close": 2029,
"drinking_advice": "Lay down",
"wine_lister_score": 939,
"quality_score": 878,
"brand_score": 999,
"economics_score": 972,
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